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MBS ListServ (Internet Email Lists) will provide a forum for interaction of MBS Systems users. Share your questions or experiences with other MBS users. MBS System Support Staff will also participate in the forum by responding to messages as well as offering short bulletins on selected topics. You will receive subscription confirmation, if you do not hear within 24 hours (business days) please contact us by phone and we will take care of the problem, or click here. Subscriptions are provided free of charge exclusively to MBS Systems Users.

To subscribe, send an email message with the word 'subscribe' in the body (nothing in the subject line) to: (click on the link to send email now!) or submit this form by clicking on the "Submit" button below:

Subscribe to one or all of our listserv forums:
MBS Systems: for people/organizations using our "AS/400 Store System".
MBS TA2 Users: for people/organizations using our TA2 Product
MBS Internet Users: for people/organizations using our MBS Internet Product
School/Store Name
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Changes in subscriptions & questions for the Listserv administrator can be sent to [email protected].
Put 'question' in the subject line (without quotes) for questions.
Put 'subscription' in the subject line (without quotes) for subscription changes.